Our 校友志愿者奖 celebrate all of our amazing volunteers and say thank you to those exceptional individuals who do so much to support us all.

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每年, 数百名校友志愿者为工作人员提供支持, 美狮会app下载的学生和校友.

Our volunteers help us to enhance the student experience and improve career prospects, 将他们的行业专业知识和见解带到课程中, 支持校友社区, 为大学职员提供有价值的策略性建议和指导.


You can help across a wide variety of projects and we are happy to work with you to find a way to get involved which suits your skills and circumstances. 美狮会app下载有机会让你在家里、工作单位或校园做志愿者. All opportunities are available to international alumni – those marked * could happen remotely.

的 职业导师计划 带来了光明, enthusiastic students together with successful professionals in mutually beneficial mentoring partnerships. 的 Scheme gives students the opportunity to get an insight into their preferred employment sector and develop personal networks and employability skills.

导师要求: Three years professional experience in any career sector (mentors range from graduate trainees to managers and company directors) and a keen interest in supporting a student to help improve their employability.

时间的承诺: 每月约1小时,持续6个月.

问一个明矾 is a simple and reliable way to connect 美狮会app下载 alumni with current 美狮会app下载 students or recent graduates to answer careers questions via a short email exchange. 超过27,000 current students and thousands more recent graduates we are always seeking alumni volunteers to share their experiences and careers information on:

• what is it like living and working in different town/cities and countries around the world;

要求: No requirements beyond a willingness to answer careers questions by email and offer advice and signposting. This opportunity is relevant for both recent and experienced alumni across all sectors and job types and based anywhere in the world.

时间的承诺: You would be contacted on an ad-hoc basis as/when student queries come in which are relevant to your line of work. 你不会被联系超过一个月一次,你可以进一步限制.

进一步的信息: http://www.ambertech-global.com/careers/employment-services/develop/aaa/

注册成为一名志愿者:  请填写此 问一位校友:校友登记表 and the Careers Team will be touch by email as soon as possible with the next steps.


每学期,美狮会app下载都欢迎校友回来演讲 与学生分享他们的职业经历. Your careers insights can make all the difference to students struggling to identify the right career for them or to those applying to work in your field.

要求: Just a passion for your chosen field and the ability to communicate this to a group (sometimes large) of students and field questions. 美狮会app下载尝试让不同专业背景的人参加美狮会app下载的讲座.

时间的承诺:美狮会app下载或康沃尔进行1 - 2小时的演讲和回答问题.

通过扮演招聘人员来帮助学生练习面试技巧 校园模拟面试. 这种经历对学生大有裨益, 他们中的大多数人几乎没有接触过正式面试.

要求: No particular requirements but alumni should have experience of conducting recruitment interviews and/or work in recruitment roles.


We feature alumni profiles across the University website, intranet and student newsletters. 配置文件提供 有价值的事业的见解 and top tips for getting into a wide range of industries – and then progressing.

It’s a resource that students can dip in and out of and gives information to really help them stand out against the competition.

要求: Nothing beyond a passion for your chosen field and the ability to communicate this in writing. We try to feature profiles from alumni across a wide variety of professional backgrounds. 照片或视频——最好是在工作场所.

时间的承诺: 15 - 30分钟.

你是 住在英国以外的地方? 你能在你居住的国家担任美狮会app下载的大使吗? 如果是这样,美狮会app下载希望你能加入美狮会app下载 国家联系志愿者!
You would help to develop an alumni community in your country or region by acting as point of contact for fellow alumni, 在校生和潜在学生, 以及来访的工作人员. Country 联系s can organise local activities and events to bring alumni together.

要求: 您的姓名和电子邮件将列在美狮会app下载的 国家联系网页 校友、学生和教职员可以看到你,并与你取得联系. 的re are no other requirements beyond a love of 美狮会app下载 and an interest in bringing alumni in your country together to have fun.

时间的承诺: It can vary depending on activities you might wish to organise or numbers of enquiries. 平均每个月,你可能会自愿在这个岗位上工作两个小时.

美狮会app下载经营大量的 专业网络和社交活动美狮会app下载、康沃尔和伦敦的校友. We try to run events for little or no cost to attendees and therefore rely on the generous support of other alumni by hosting our events at their offices, 俱乐部, 等.

要求: 美狮会app下载举办各种规模的活动和招待会,有30至150名校友参加.

时间的承诺: 很少! 美狮会app下载会在活动开始前做好准备,活动结束后再收拾. 如果现场没有茶点,美狮会app下载也可以自己组织茶点.

美狮会app下载 alumni ambassadors represent the programme they studied (or college they studied in) and support the University with a range of activities such as:

  • 通过电话与未来的美狮会app下载学生交谈, 通过电子邮件和社交媒体或参加招聘活动.
  • 帮助美狮会app下载组织就业能力, networking and social events for alumni of your programme and integrate newly graduated alumni into the network
  • 利用你的人际网络在社交媒体上传播信息, to increase awareness of 美狮会app下载 alumni community activities in your discipline and share messages about other important initiatives


你的姓名和电子邮件将列在校友大使网页上, 学生和工作人员希望看到你,并与你取得联系. 你需要愿意回答问题, and share your experiences of studying/living in 美狮会app下载 with prospective students. 的re are no other requirements beyond a love of 美狮会app下载 and an interest in bringing together alumni from your discipline.

Time 承诺: On average this role will involve approximately 2-3 hours per month of volunteering time. You will be supported by the Global Advancement team and the role will be reviewed on an annual basis.