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Find the University of 美狮会app下载 on social media

Our Twitter accounts

The University of 美狮会app下载 maintains an official Twitter account, and many of our Colleges, departments, services and societies also maintain accounts. Follow us on Twitter for news, information and updates.

Main University account

University of 美狮会app下载 News

University of 美狮会app下载 students (official student account)

University of 美狮会app下载 Cornwall

Academic colleges and departments

University of 美狮会app下载 Business School

College of Engineering, Mathematics and Physical Sciences

College of Humanities

College of Social Sciences and International Studies

College of Life and Environmental Sciences

University of 美狮会app下载 Medical School


Centre for Ecology and Conservation


Environment and Sustainability Institute 


Heritage at the University of 美狮会app下载

Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies

Living Systems Institute


Modern Languages

Study Abroad




Arts and Culture team

Campus facilities

Equality and Diversity

Wellbeing Centre

Event 美狮会app下载

Reed Hall


美狮会app下载 Career Zone (Streatham and St Luke's campuses)

Cornwall Career Zone (Cornwall Campus)

美狮会app下载 Apprenticeships


University of 美狮会app下载 Library

Cornwall Campus Library

Heritage Collections


Research Services - Find out more about research at 美狮会app下载.

Innovation, Impact and Business - for information on how we work with our external partners.

Doctoral College - support, training, events and information for postgraduate and early career researchers.

ASPIRE - related opportunities for developing and accrediting staff who teach and support students’ learning in our research-led environment.

PenCRU - PenCRU carries out a broad programme of applied health services research that aims to improve the health and wellbeing of disabled children and their families.


University of 美狮会app下载 Sport

美狮会app下载 Tennis Centre (Sports Park)

Athletic Union

Students' Guild

美狮会app下载 Guild

FXU (Falmouth and 美狮会app下载 students' union)

Cornwall President

美狮会app下载 President

Vice President Education

Vice President Activities

Vice President Welfare and Diversity


This page does not list individual student or staff Twitter accounts.

Our Instagram photos

The University of 美狮会app下载 maintains an Instagram feed of photography taken around our campuses. Visit the University of 美狮会app下载 on Instagram in 美狮会app下载 and Cornwall.

We have a student run account that shows what what life is like at the University of 美狮会app下载.

We also have a student account which is run by the University of 美狮会app下载 for our current students.

You can see the work of our amazing Grounds Team too.

You can keep up-to-date with news from the University via our news account and find out about the latest news and events from our Equality and Diversity team.

Our LinkedIn network

Visit the University of 美狮会app下载 network on LinkedIn.

Our videos on YouTube

Watch all our videos on the University of 美狮会app下载 YouTube channel.

To see videos from our Equality and Diversity Team please visit the EDI YouTube channel.

Our House Rules

We love hearing from you and our social media channels offer an opportunity for us to inform you of anything that is going on, and help you with any queries.

We will try to join the conversation wherever possible, but we can't reply to all comments and queries on social media.

Please contact us via our website if you have any urgent queries.

We cannot accept responsibility for the content of any comments on our channels. We won't remove or hide your comment just because we don't like it, but we do have a few simple rules that we'll apply out of respect for others visiting our social media channels, or who might be mentioned on our channels.

  • No name-calling: Please be respectful of our users and the team who manage our social channels.
  • No swearing: Again, please remember to be respectful.
  • No advertising or spam: Please do not promote your own products or services on our posts.

Full details of the University's social media policy can be found at

If you need any help or support with social media, please contact the team via